5 NEW Tips from the TSA

The TSA has some new recommendations if you're planning to fly for the holidays.

To keep your trip smooth and hassle-free, the TSA says you should:

  • Sign up for Pre-Check, which gives you access to checkpoint lanes that move faster than standard checkpoint lanes. Those who use TSA Pre-Check can leave on their shoes, belts, lightweight jackets and they can leave electronics and small containers of liquids in their carry-on bags.
  • Download the 'My TSA' app so you can read up on the latest list of permissible carry-on items, flight delays and estimated security line wait times.
  • Update your carry-on bag, remembering those 3.4 ounce or smaller travel-sized toiletries.
  • Make sure your luggage is TSA-compatible. If your checked bag triggers an alarm during the security screening process, the bag will need to be opened so that a TSA officer can resolve the alarm. Look for the letters "TSA" engraved with a code number near your luggage's keyhole.
  • If you must pack a firearm, pack it properly with a hard-sided case. The TSA says, "If it's not packed properly, you will come face-to-face with the police and you'll get a hefty civil citation."

Photo: Getty Images

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