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Corey Hart Goes Public About His Debilitating Back Pain & Drops New Song

For the past 18 years Corey has been privately dealing with debilitating chronic back pain after injuring himself in a sports trauma. His hope in going public with his struggle is to inspire others to find courage and inner peace when life throws some turbulent air our way, or as Corey phrases it, when our "dinosaurs get mad." 

In this song he shares his dark moments

I'm terrified, I'm anxious

My body keeps shutting me down

And the wisdom he's learned along the way

Remember there is joy if you think joy

It's always great to hear from Corey. He won our hearts wearing Sunglasses at Night in the 80s, then took many years out of the spotlight to raise his 4 children with his wife, Canadian singer Julie Masse. To keep up to date with what he's doing today click "like" on his Facebook page Coreyhartofficial.

In case you missed it, Corey spoke with Vogue Magazine about his own childhood struggles that music saw him through, the true story behind his mega-hit Sunglasses At Night, and what he thinks of the 80s! Plus he dropped the F-bomb which surprised me Martha Quinn not gonna lie lol.

Great to see him in 2023!

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